Jeans Measurements

The goal here is to find out the measurements of your favourite jeans. This way you can feel confident when ordering your correct size.                 


1. Waist Measurement

Lay your jeans on a flat surface and measure the waistband. Double the number and you have your waist size. This pic shows a size 36.



2. Front Rise Measurement

Measure from the top of the waistband down to the point where the front rise and back rise seam meet. This is your front rise measurement. The pic shows a measurement of 11".

Front Rise Measurement



 3. Back Rise Measurement

Flip your jeans over and measure from the top of the back waistband to the point where the back rise and front rise seams meet. This is your back rise measurement. This pic shows a measurement of 15".

Back Rise Measurement



4. Thigh Measurement

Next flip your jeans back to the front and measure about 1" down from you front rise and across your thigh. This is you thigh measurement. This pic shows a 13" thigh.

Thigh Measurement 


5. Knee Measurement

Now, measure across the knee of you jeans. This is your knee measurement. This pic shows a 8"knee measurement.

Knee Measurement



6. Hem Measurement

It's time for the hem or leg opening measurement. Measure across the opening and you will find you hem measurement. This pic shows a hem of 6.5".

Jeans Hem Measurement



7. Inseam Measurement

Finally we have the ever important inseam measurement. Measure from the bottom of the front rise to the bottom of you leg. This is your inseam measurement. Here we have a 34" inseam.

Jeans Inseam Measurement

Wasn't that fun? Now, you are ready for your Williams Denim Bespoke Jeans!