The Workshop

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Union Special 35800

The Union Special 35800. (aka "The Beast") for felling the yokes and two back legs together.


The United-Carr kick press. For buttons & rivets.

The United-Carr kick press. For buttons & rivets.


Muhammed Ali

Some Ali inspiration. Get a dab when necessary!


Juki Double Needle Sewing Machine
The Juki double Needle sewing machine.

Because of course 2 needles are better than 1.


Reece 104 Buttonhole Machine
 The Reece 104 buttonhole machine.

These are not the droids you're looking for.


Alexander McQueen & Buttons

Top shelf with Alexander McQueen & buttons.


Steve McQueen

Since we're doing McQueens, How about a cool shot of Steve McQueen wearing selvedge denim and eating cereal.


Singer 302 Waistband Machine
Singer 302 waistband machine.

This machine is from the 1950's. Just classic bad assery!


The Wilkinson EXO Shears
The Wilkinson EXO Shears, from Sheffield, England. The birthplace of stainless steel. Now with a touch of bling!


Haida Raven by Bill Reid
Haida Raven. What kind of Canadian would I be if I didn't appreciate First Nations art.
This piece is by the legend Bill Reid.
In case you haven't noticed I have a thing for the birds.


Juki 6716S Serger
The Juki MO-6700 series serger. For the finer things in life.


Sewing Books
Some books... Read it's good for you.
Truthfully, most of these have pictures.


Union Special 43200G
The Union Special 43200G I've saved the best for last (Actually I have more machines, but I'm getting tired of making this page.) Hemming at it's best. This machine is from the 1930's. Check the story on the home page for more details about the history of this dark legend.